Book discusses design innovation applied to food service

With careers spanning four decades and several national and international awards under their belts Emmanuel Melo and Diris Petribu launch their book “14 Ferramentas de Design para Inovação no Foodservice” (14 Design Tools for Innovation in Food Service, in English). The book discusses some of their most prominent works and the methods used in the development of the solutions applied to each of them. The book launch party will be held on June 6 in São Paulo, Brazil. The book is also available online at 

Architect Diris and designer Emmanuel are the founding couple behind StudioIno, which specializes in projects for food services companies. The philosophy of Design Thinking caught their attention around the same time they established StudioIno in 2000. It didn’t take long for them to start developing ways to apply Design Thinking to food service projects. With the book, the couple hopes to share some of the experiences and results they got from the experiment.

Emmanuel Melo says that the purpose of the publication is to offer ideas that the reader can use to solve problems in their businesses. “The book is like a ‘toolbox’, the reader can refer to it whenever they find themselves in front of a blank page without knowing how to proceed. We talk about some of the ideas that helped us create solutions for our clients and now we hope to be able to help others do the same”, the designer explains.

The book details 14 projects for national and international clients. In each chapter, the authors discuss data collection, solution development (which includes victories and challenges), and the results that innovations have brought to market.

It is not a spoiler to say that, behind all the solutions presented in the book, there is in-depth research work. Emmanuel says that insight never comes from the designer’s head, but always from understanding business, users, trends, limitations, and so on. Thus, the book intends to be a very realistic guide of what can be accomplished in situations where the project does not have a lot of financial resources, execution time is short or other impediment is presented. At the end of the day, the answers are always in the problem and technical research will reveal that somehow. The book aims to show the best ways to find them.

About the book:

The book 14 Design Tools for Innovation in Foodservice is a publication from the editorial arm of Nucleuss, specializing in content on design and related areas.


“I carefully read the book and can do nothing but congratulate you on the tremendous work you have done. It’s a nice project and, like everything you guys do, very professional.”

William Taunton, FCSI – President of Gastrotec Design of Foodservice, Chile. Former World FCSI President and FCSI President for the Americas.

“I like how you exemplify each approach to design, going from concept to proving design results. The format you propose is a reference material for any design activity.”

Levi Girardi, designer, and co-founder of Questtono Manyone

“Excellent, both in terms of graphics and content. Congratulations! A great lesson in design and innovation! If the purpose is to be inspiring, you have achieved your goal!”

Luiz Eduardo Rezende, President of Prática Klimaquip

“Mandatory reading for anyone working with projects in the food service segment and a great recommendation for lovers of architecture and product design. In a practical, didactic, and fluid way, the book explains the main concepts of the field and reflects StudioIno’s specialization in food service with its strategic approach from design to innovation!”

Laércio Marques, designer and academic coordinator at the Istituto Europeo di Design – IED Brasil.

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